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A young yeshiva boy of 15 by the name of Shneur Chaim Yitzchak Alexander ben Nechama Dina is right now in critical condition with a bacterial infection that is ravaging his body. He needs the heartfelt Prayers of every person in Klal Yisrael!

Just one week ago “Alexander” was a perfectly healthy boy, learning in Yeshiva for the summer. Inexplicably, an infection in his leg spread rapidly, he was taken to the hospital where suddenly - in the emergency room - his vital systems began collapsing.

Please take a moment to say some Tehillim, place a few pennies in the Tzedakah Pushkah or take on an extra Mitzvah in his merit!

We have dedicated this website where you can sign up your “Good Resolution”. Please add your Jewish name and your mother’s Jewish name in the sign up form and it will be brought to The Resting Place of Holy Tzaddikim and someone will also Daven to HaShem on your behalf.

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Since the Campaign's inception in 2006, many Jewish organizations and schools have become partners in this global campaign. Communities around the world and in many states around the U.S. have asked to join the campaign, including communities in Australia, South Africa, Israel, and Canada. To learn more about this NEW special community project or to become a partner in the 3 Million Mitzvah Campaign, please call Rabbi Mendy Levy at (305) 868-1411 ext. 333 or send an e-mail to MillionMitzvahs@theshul.org
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